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I vouch for these they are absolutely awesome!

Anna, Virginia

(On Facebook and in reference to the LIL MONSTER Hero BlowGun, and its debut on Amazon Prime).



The Blow Guns were a huge success . Got like a super awesomeness rating. … Just wanted to say Hi and Thank you again for the Awesome Blow guns !!!! He really really likes them. Thanks

Josh, Idaho

(In reference to the LIL MONSTER Hero BlowGun).



I was gifted one of these for Christmas last year and they are really great! Best Nerf blowgun out there. 👍🏻

Ryan. Spokane, Washington

(Via Facebook, and in reference to the LIL MONSTER Hero BlowGun).



A MUST HAVE GUY GIFT! [Jake] has loved his for past year and it’s a favorite for any guy that comes to our house- [Zach] steals it a lot 😛 It’s high quality and excellent fun! Our family friend is selling these! See link in comments to order!

Wendy, Idaho

(Via Facebook, and in response to the September 2018 Launch of the new LIL MONSTER Hero Nerf Dart BlowGuns).



Hello, I just want to say "thank - you" for the amazing Warrior camp you just did with the Nampa Christian 5th graders. What a wonderful experience for them! My son [Johnny Doe] was part of this class. He made a big impression on him! He has worn his dog tag at all times as a reminder to be strong for God wherever he is.

S. Mullins, Idaho





You would not believe the feedback from parents about this. They were blown away. You guys totally rocked it!!

Danielle, Idaho

(Referring the 1st Annual Warrior Camp 5th Grade Graduation Bash + Ceremony on May 23, 2018 in Partnership, with Nampa Christian Elementary School).





We rented a “birthday in a box” Warrior Camp style – all I can say is, wow!  Derek went all out – team colored shirts, protective eye wear, ammo, flags, cones, blow guns, the works!  I had 4 teenagers running around in the backyard with giant boxes and whooping and hollering like crazy!  Derek included massive amounts of ideas and games suggestions, which my son took and used, and then also spring-boarded some of his own ideas!  Even in December, with snow on the ground, the boys “battled” for hours, coming in only for water, hot cocoa, and then back outside!  I got so much in the package for the birthday party, and for the money, I couldn’t have imagined we would get such a deal!  It was a steal of a deal, and as my 16 year old said, “it was the most epic birthday ever!” I was really impressed by the way Derek listened to what I wanted for the party, what my price range was, and then offered me several options and dates available, as well as locations, for the event.  He is willing to work with you and you won’t regret the results – Battles of Epic Proportions!!!!  So worth the money!  Better than some of the places you can go in the area that won’t give you nearly the deal!  Highly recommended for parties – of all ages!  And with what comes in this box, this would make a great party for men, women, graduation, Fourth of July picnics, family reunions, you think of it, Derek can make it happen for you, and everyone will be talking about the memories for YEARS!

Thanks, Derek!

Ryann, Idaho





My 9 year old son LOVES his whole [BlowGun] set up. It was so unique and special; we are so grateful for your help in piecing together the perfect gift! Thank you! (And I love that a toddler can enjoy it so much, too!)

Katie, Idaho.





[My son] LOVED Warrior Camp! His words were "It was EPIC" and getting knighted with a real sword was "a miracle." :)  I can't wait for [his dad] to go with him next year.

Anna, Idaho





We had Derek coordinate the recreational portion of a retreat for our church. He organized an exciting game of CTF (Capture the Flag). The game was well-designed, fast-paced, and really fun. The integration of blow guns and foam noodles made the game really engaging. Derek also did a great job explaining the intricacies of the game. Instructions were very clear and you could tell the whole setup was well-thought-out. The games really helped our folks relax, have some fun, and grow closer together through teamwork and competition. Derek is an engaging person (as engaging as the games he designs), full of energy, and he really understands the value of play. We were so thankful to book his services and we would welcome Derek back anytime to head up our recreational events. 


Austin Beal
Young Professional Life Group Coach
Thomas Road Baptist Church.  Lynchburg, Virginia




Sunday, 9.11.16

Sarah, Ryan's Mom.  Washington.





"This is the BEST investment in our son's life.. We love Pastor Derek and his Warrior heart for Jesus!!!!"

Leola, Idaho





"You want the best Boy's Camp ever, go to Warrior Camp by Derek!!"

Hilda, Idaho





"In this generation where pornography, sexual immorality and upside down "values" attack our boys from every angle it's more important than ever to arm our boys with the Truth of God's Word, teaching them how to battle sin and war valiantly against the lies of the evil one! If we can teach our boys from a young age to be warriors of God, just think how many things could be prevented....teen pregnancy, abortion, drug addiction, alcoholism, divorce, abuse....this ministry has a heartbeat to teach boys how to be MEN OF GOD! Sign your boys up now [for] WARRIOR CAMP!"

Jennifer, Idaho





Warrior Camp,

We operate a small church camp in Southern Indiana and this year purchased the “Warrior-Camp-In-A-Box: Bow and Arrow Edition.”  I want to report to you that it was the best decision we have ever made and it certainly added a great deal of interest in our camping program and enthusiasm amongst our young campers!!!

The “Warrior-Camp-In-A-Box” is a fantastic idea; everything was provided, the instructions were clear and detailed, the bow was easy for our campers to assemble, and the games were great!  Thank you so much!

I look forward to next year’s “Warrior-Camp-In-A-Box: (exact weapon-edition edited for secrecy)” very much!!!  Our spiritual focus will be on the Biblical Super Heroes and much more!  I think the partnership between Warrior Camp and the Santa Claus Elementary Church Camp has been a wonderful supportive one and look forward to many more years of such a friendship.  

But in the meantime, SHHHHHHH, don’t tell our campers what weapon is next, as they ask about it every day!

Thank you once again, Warrior Camp, and God Bless You!!!

Sally Schaaf
Santa Claus Elementary Church Camp
Santa Claus UMC
Santa Claus, Indiana 47579





"We had an epic battle with our LIL MONSTER dart guns! These things are SO fun!!! Our very own Derek ... makes them and all funds go toward his awesome Warrior Camp ministry!! I will post a picture of them in the comments 😊"

Heather, via Facebook.  Idaho.





July 18, 2015

Historic Santa Claus Campground

16670 N 625 E., Santa Claus, IN 47579

Sally Schaaf, Camp Director


To Whom It May Concern:

Earlier this year I partnered with Derek Bartlow of ‘Warrior Camp’ for the purpose of providing a similar type camp at the Historic Santa Claus Campground, Santa Claus, Indiana, for 120 children, 8-12 years of age.  

After many emails and phone calls, Derek sent me 4 large crates containing everything we would need to put on our own Warrior Camp, Weapon Workshop, and related Warrior Games!  I was more than thrilled to receive 144 sword kits, assembly instructions along with step-by-step videos, making the Weapon Workshop easy to instruct and the swords easy to complete for each camper.

Derek provided detailed instructions for the Warrior Games as well.  Man Down, Bombing Run, and Hunger Games were some of our favorites.  Approximately two-thirds of our campers were boys so you can imagine the level of excitement these games provided for them.  Surprisingly our girls became equally skilled with their swords and got equally ‘into’ the games. 

Warrior Camp has been the best themed camp we have ever had and was very easy to build spiritual lessons around.  In addition to becoming skilled with their boffer swords, each camper also became skilled with the use of their “sword of the spirit.”

I would be remiss to exclude the most important element Derek provided for me, and that was his spiritual support.   Derek encouraged me through his emails, prayed with me over the phone and continued to be a prayer warrior on our behalf during our week of Warrior Camp.  If I heard Derek say it once, I heard him say it dozens of times…”God Bless you as you seek to raise up a young generation of boys and girls after God’s own heart!”

Now it’s my turn to say this about Derek:  God bless Derek Bartlow and Warrior Camp for all they are doing for the Kingdom of God and for this generation of God’s young warriors!


Sally Schaaf, Camp Director






Challenges I Had At Warrior Camp


I had to face many challenges at Warrior Camp.  Warrior Camp is a day for boys go to my church, and learn about God through a lot of fun activities and sermons.

The first thing we did was divide into two teams, a red team and a blue team.  After that each team got their own flag.  We took the flags and marched around yelling our team name as loud as we could.  Next we started to warm up for a game of Extreme Tag.  It was hard and challenging because most of the guys were faster than me.  But the game was very fun, and I only got out once.  Then we went inside to eat lunch.  During lunch there was a competition.  There were four people standing in a line.  I was one of the four guys.  We each got goggles and a giant deflated balloon.  When our leader said go we had to be the first to blow our balloon up until it popped.  I am proud to say I won!


After lunch,  we had a worship time and a sermon.  We sang a lot of praise songs, and I loved every song we sang.  Then we heard a sermon that talked about being a man of God, and following His will.  It was and still is a challenge for me to do that. 


When we were done with that we went outside to a small hill beside our church.  One person from each team stood on top of the hill in a box that was painted on the ground.  The rest of us laid on x’s  that had been painted all over the grass.  When the leader said, “ Go”,  the person on the hill had to go drag his teammates up the hill to the box.  As soon as a person was dragged to the box,  he could help the leader drag the next person.  The team that got all their guys to the box first won. We played that three times, but the third time was much harder because some of the leaders were shooting Nerf darts at us while we tried to drag our teammates to the box.  If we got hit by a dart, we had to lay down right where we were and wait to be dragged back to the box.  The game went on till one team was either all laying on the ground, or all safe.  My team won twice. 


We played a couple more games, made a cool spear out of sticks we got from around Lake Lowell, and then went in for a second sermon.  During that sermon we learned that God can forgive us for the bad things we have done.


Snack time was next.  During snack time we played a game where we had  four people from each team to volunteer to sit at a table, pick a bag, and eat whatever was inside.   I was one of the volunteers.   Two of us had to eat whatever was in the bag without throwing up, or refusing to eat it.  The other two people on our team had to encourage us to eat it, or eat it themselves.  Whichever team ate the most without throwing up would win.  Some of the items eaten were pickled pig’s feet, a whole bag of marshmallows, ten War Heads all at once, and half of a Monster drink.  After my team won, there was a bonus round.  This time one person from each team had to stand on a chair, and had to eat two other mystery items without spitting it out.  Whoever ate the most when three minutes were up, won.  I volunteered for our team.  The two items were a raw onion, and a raw jalapeno.  I ate almost half of the onion, and about three-fourths of the jalapeno, winning ten bonus points for my team because of bravery!  Half an hour later my competitor threw up all over the wall inside the building.  After that incident our leader made us all go back outside for a  giant slime fight!  It was really fun! 


We got on our swimsuits next  for some water games.  We had a water gun fight,  played in the pool, competed to see who could hold their breath the longest, and then got shot into the pool by a giant human sling shot!  Then we dried off and went inside for our final sermon.


During the final sermon we had a wall made of cinder block where we could write down some of the sins we needed  to stop doing.  At the end of the sermon, a guy took a sledge hammer and smashed down the wall.  That is kind of like how God forgives us of our sins.  When we say we are sorry, God forgives us and our sins can be gone so that there is nothing separating us from God.  That was the biggest challenge of the day.


After that,  we went outside for the final game of the day.  This was best game of the day.  We divided into our teams, and stood side by side on the field.  There were all kinds of foam weapons in front of our teams.  When the leader said, ”Go”, we had to run out, grab a weapon, and attack the other team.  If you were hit anywhere on your body you had to pretend to die for five seconds. Then you could sit up and attack people who came near you, but you couldn’t leave that spot.  Whichever team had the last man standing won.  When we were done with that game we went back inside and tallied up the points of each team.  Our team won!!  We all got candy, but the winners got twice as much. It was awesome!


It was the most challenging, yet fun day in my life!  The only day just as good or maybe even a little better was the next year at Warrior camp, but that is another story!  

------- The End -------


Unedited, and written by a Warrior Camper for his English Class, when prompted to write a paper on the hardest thing he's ever done.  Turned in on 9-13-13.

5th Grade Boy, Idaho





"Warrior Camp"

While I sat in church on Sunday this past summer I was looking through the bulletin when a brochure caught my eye.  It was an advertisement for a warrior camp that would be held at our church.  As I read the description of the camp, I knew Landon would love this experience.  I could just picture him participating in the relays, games, and "battles".  When I read to the bottom of the brochure it stated that the camp was for boys in grades 4-8.  I was disappointed that Landon wouldn't be able to participate yet but knew he would in the future.


A few weeks later I received a phone call from a friend asking if Landon would like to attend warrior camp as a buddy for her younger son.  Her older son was going to camp and they were allowing her younger son to go if he had someone his age to buddy with for activities.


We signed Landon up for camp with a little hesitation knowing he would be the youngest person at camp.  A few of the teens from our small group were helping at camp so knowing they would look out for Landon put our minds at ease.


The day of camp arrived and Landon was up early with his bag packed ready to take on the day.  The camp started at 10 am and would go until 9 pm.  I figured Landon would be worn out and we would get him from camp around dinner time.  Each time I sent a text to one of our teens to see how Landon was doing the message was the same, he is fine and having a great time.  Landon stayed the entire day and was completely exhausted  energized when he got home that night.  Months later, Landon is still talking about his experiences at warrior camp.


The days activities included: opening ceremonies, tug of war, building their own sword {using pool noodles} and then using them in battle games, ice block sprint, uphill climb in scuba gear, slime filled slip and slide, running the gauntlet of noodles, and building castles and then trying to knock them down with balloon launchers.  A day filled with non stop boy activities... a little boys dream day.


Warrior camp wasn't just about the fun and the games, they also challenged each warrior to grow into a man after God's own heart.  The warrior themes at camp were honor, courage, and commitment to God.    The boys were asked to make a commitment to God and write it on two bricks.  One brick was left at church and one brick was taken home.  Besides bringing home his swords and the battles, Landon was the most excited about his brick.  It sits on his dresser as a reminder of his time at camp.



Thanks Derek and all the warrior camp staff.  This was a day Landon will never forget!



Kristen, Idaho





“LOVE the “Warrior’s Creed”!  Stopped at Walgreens and framed it for Caleb.  :)"


Warrior's Mom

Lynchburg, Virginia





“He is worn out = SUCCESS :)”


Warrior's Mom

Lynchburg, Virginia





“Guys. Sammy and I went to Warrior Camp a week and a half ago. I'm still sore and Sam is still talking about it. Really, really good stuff! A day of field games, fireworks, blow-gun building, short historical and spiritual lessons, cooking over a fire, and wandering around in the woods with your son. Awesome! In addition, Jon Dupin, the pastor from Brentwood called out the dads (and a couple of granddads) and gave us a short, in your face kind of challenge about what dads are called to do and be...


There is a bunch here and I could go on and on but I want you to know that it changed me and created one super day filled with memories and lessons for Sam and me-one of those days that will never be forgotten. You know how they say your life flashes back in front of you just before you kick the bucket? Yeah, Warrior Camp will be one of those pictures for me.


Warrior Camp is a Christian based program put together by a guy from Idaho named Derek Bartlow. He is copied on this e. This was the first camp east of the Mississippi. Derek is living here in the burg with some friends from Brentwood for the next few weeks. I would very much like for a couple or all of you guys to get together with him and let him tell you more about it and possibly offer this to the folks at Blue Ridge. Also, they are having another one (sponsored by a different church) on the 13th at David Dudley's farm off of Leesville Road for 6-8th grades.


There are many, many great things about this program but I will mention just this one more: uninvolved dads! Unfortunately, it seems that no matter what we do as a church we can't reach some of these guys-they won't have an All In life for themselves. But their sons, now that is another story. They will run the wheels off a minivan making sure their kids get all the sports, education, and social life they can. Warrior Camp is a way to reach these guys or at least take another crack at them from a different angle.


Derek says he can meet with us on Thursday or Friday around lunch and if that doesn't work there is a possibility of meeting with him between services on Sunday. Please hit "reply all" and let us know.”


Warrior Dad, Virginia,

(Referring to the Father/Son WARRIOR CAMP Event w/ Brentwood Church on October 23, 2010).





“Awesome job today “speedracer”!!!  I don’t feel like I gave you enough credit!  Great job to all your “minions” as well…”

Angie Casola

Father/Son Event Wizard

Brentwood Church

Lynchburg, Virginia





“Thank u so much 4 everything ….. u 2 really made it a great day 4 the kids!!”


Warrior's Mom regarding his Warrior's Birthday Bash

Lynchburg, Virginia





“Just on the phone with the mom of eric (really tall WC kid) who was inquiring about WC2010.  Her husband said that WC was the single most important event that eric has ever been to.  So cool.”

Sarah Schmahl

Director of Children's Ministries

Grandview Church of the Nazarene

Grandview, Washington





"On behalf of the Children's Ministry Team at our church, I would like to express our absolute amazement at the success of Warrior Camp 2009.  God has gifted Derek with an awesome vision and is using he and his team to reach young men for Christ in 'epic' ways. The boys at our church experienced God in a whole new way during Warrior Camp and have continued to talk about their day as warriors all year long.  I have had parents as early as December asking for the next camp dates so that they can plan their summer vacations accordingly....younger brothers are already anticipating their 'right of passage' into Warrior Camp...Sunday School teachers are STILL using the things they learned at camp as follow members have committed ahead of time to sponsoring boys financially so that the kids don't have to pay out of pocket for anything!  These are just a few of the ways that our families have shown their support and enthusiasm for this camp.


If you are a parent considering Warrior Camp for your son, I would strongly encourage you to send not only your own kid, but as many boys as you can send. They will learn what it means to be a warrior for Christ and how to be the man that God has called them to be.  Their lives will be changed...and they'll have a whole lot of crazy fun along the way!


If you are a youth director considering hosting Warrior Camp, quit thinking about it and get it on your calendar!  It just might be the best thing you've planned yet! Derek has an incredible gift of organization.  He will do everything he can to make this camp easy for you to host.  He will make sure that every detail is covered...guaranteed!


We had the privilege of keeping Derek and his team in our home during camp.  Never have I met a group of young men so on fire for the Lord and for an event such as this.  The amount of prayer time and work put into making this camp a success was very evident.  


Warrior Camp has already become the highlight of our year and an anticipated summer tradition.  As long as Warrior Camp has a travel team, we'll have them in Grandview!"


Sarah Schmahl

Director of Children's Ministries

Grandview Church of the Nazarene

Grandview, Washington





"My name is Todd and I am the Youth Pastor in Nampa Idaho.  Our church was able to be a part of the initial Warrior camp.  Although I was personally not able to attend we sent several other youth workers along with some of our teenage boys to participate in this event.  The all day warrior camp challenged our young men to be who God has called them to be scripturally and physically using their minds, hearts and muscles.  I heard story after story of the crazy games that were played and I have to admit that Derek has to be one of the most creative individuals I have ever come across.  Derek Loves the Lord and God has given him a gift to minister in this unique warrior camp.  I am a natural skeptic (not a spiritual gift) and always believe that the proof of any activity is apparent in the result.  I seriously believe that lives were changed and that God worked through this camp.  I will never forget that a teenager named Robert who has a horrible home life was challenged that day and gave his life to Jesus Christ.  I personally want to participate with others who have a passion for the lost and will do anything for Jesus and I believe that this warrior camp meets all of that criteria.  I would encourage any youth pastor to get involved with this life changing camp.  I don’t know about you but I run out of creative ideas and this is a creative way to reach out in the love of Christ and the Truth of His word."

Pastor Todd

Bethel Nazarene

Nampa Idaho

(208) 466-6344